Photo location

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  • Brouwersdam (Netherlands)
    On a sunny day at Brouwersdam in the Netherlands, members of the United Lexus Society gathered for a much-anticipated meeting. The location, with its picturesque views of the North Sea and the gentle sound of waves crashing against the shore, provided the perfect backdrop for this exclusive event. Lexus owners from all corners of the… Lees meer: Brouwersdam (Netherlands)
  • Houthalen (Belgie)
    In the heart of Houthalen, there stood an abandoned concrete hall, a relic of the town’s industrial past. The hall had once hummed with the sounds of machinery and echoed with the voices of workers, but now it lay silent and forgotten. Its doors were broken, and graffiti adorned its walls, a testament to the… Lees meer: Houthalen (Belgie)
  • Centrum Vessem (Netherlands)
    In het kleine Brabantse dorpje Vessem heeft een particulier langs de hoofdweg een tankstationnetje gebouwd. Na overleg met de eigenaar ging hij akkoord dat ik mijn auto even op zijn terrein plaatste om een paar fotos te maken.
  • Doel (Belgie)
    In the quaint Belgian village of Doel, nestled along the banks of the Scheldt River, an unusual sight was about to unfold. Toyota had chosen this unique location for a photoshoot of their masterpiece, the Toyota MR2 Doel was far from the bustling city life usually associated with car photoshoots. Instead, it was known for… Lees meer: Doel (Belgie)