Doel (Belgie)

In the quaint Belgian village of Doel, nestled along the banks of the Scheldt River, an unusual sight was about to unfold. Toyota had chosen this unique location for a photoshoot of their masterpiece, the Toyota MR2

Doel was far from the bustling city life usually associated with car photoshoots. Instead, it was known for its abandoned houses covered in street art, giving it a post-apocalyptic charm. The village had become a canvas for graffiti artists, and the contrast between this urban decay and the sleek, Toyota MR2 was striking.

The Toyota team arrived early in the morning, greeted by the soft glow of the rising sun against the backdrop of Doel’s graffiti-covered walls. The Toyota MR2, with its sleek lines and futuristic design, gleamed in the golden light. The photographers and crew quickly got to work, setting up cameras and lighting equipment.

As the shoot progressed, the Toyota MR2 was strategically positioned in various spots around Doel, each location providing a unique and captivating background. A narrow, graffiti-covered alley served as a striking contrast to the car’s pristine white exterior. The car’s hybrid engine silently hummed as it glided along the village’s quiet streets, capturing the attention of curious villagers and photographers alike.

Local residents, intrigued by the presence of a pristine car amidst the urban decay, started gathering around, chatting with the crew, and taking their own photos. The villagers’ stories and the car’s sport message intertwined as conversations sparked between the Toyota team and the locals.

By midday, the photoshoot had drawn to a close. The crew packed up their equipment, leaving Doel as they found it, a canvas of artistic expression amidst the passage of time. The Toyota MR2 had left its mark on this village, not only as a symbol of cutting-edge automotive technology but also as a catalyst for unexpected connections in a place known for its abandonment.

As the Toyota MR2 silently drove away from Doel, it carried with it the memories of an extraordinary photoshoot, a fusion of sport design and urban decay, and the hope of a more sustainable future for Doel.